Return Policy

Pettit Cinematography return policy

Please read and understand carefully our refund policies.

Please choose carefully, and remain satisfied with your decision we don’t offer refunds / returns or for changing your mind or incorrect decisions Pettitcinematography/Pettitprints take special care in packaging of all artworks.

Damaged Goods
Naturally, when shipping fragile items there is always a chance of damage in transit. We’ve estimated this to be at around 2-3% on average. If you do receive any items you believed to have been damaged in transit, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to rectify any issues you may have.
Our priority is to keep you happy and hanging beautiful frames and art on your walls. If it means exchange, credit or repairs are needed as a result of damage in transit, we will be happy to help out.
Glass can not be replaced as it won’t make it on its own. Instead we can offer a refund of the glass price charged and you can obtain one locally or we can send a piece of clear acrylic (Perspex). The clear acrylic is durable and travels to any destination without the risk of breakage. Once it is in the frame there is no visible difference between the acrylic and clear glass. Our acrylic is high quality and will not distort or become cloudy. It also provides UV resistance for extra protection from fading!
Your satisfaction is important to us, if you run into any problems at all with our products or transit, please let us know and we’ll always work something out.